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Independent software consultant providing custom software development - software design, system development, programming and technical expertise.  Contracting on a project or retainer basis.  Hourly or fixed price contracts.

  • General Business applications including General Inventory. Both individual programs and complete systems. Database and User Interface (UI/GUI) a specialty.
  • Mobile applications for various types of hand-held computers including Palm Pilot and PocketPC. Custom Palm Conduits for HotSync to ODBC databases (such as MS Access).  Mobile Applications overview 
  • Data Migration & Data Conversion utilities. Move data between brands and/or versions of databases.  MS Access, MySQL, SQLite, Goldmine, etc.
  • Software Tools - functions, classes, and Libraries.
  • Forestry applications such as Scaling, Cruising, Forest Inventory, and Log Yard Inventory.
  • Data Collectors and Data Loggers of all types.  We make PocketLog. the premier portable data collector software for Palm.  We also make the DataGet SPC data collector
  • Embedded programming - TI MSP430 chip.
  • Hardware interfacing.  We make the DataGet Precision Gauge Interface.
  • Visual C++, MFC and Windows SDK (Win32), WindowsCE (WinCE) and Embedded Visual C++
  • MS Access and VBA/SQL,  ADO
  • CodeWarrior for PalmOS - C/C++
  • Usability and User Interface
  • Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of data
  • Communications and Data Transfer
  • Software Design Services - I can develop a specification package for you.
  • Prototyping - not quite sure of what you want?  I can prototype some alternatives.
  • Got programmers?  Want Code Reviews to improve quality?  I can handle Visual C++/MFC, MS Access and VBA, CodeWarrior C/C++ for Palm OS, Embedded Visual C++, etc.

Synopsis of Experience

How we save you money

CodeWarrior for Palm:

I still have, and use, CodeWarrior for Palm (v.9.3).  I can develop new, or maintain/update your existing Palm software.  Contact me for a no-obligation quote:

We now manufacture and sell the DataGet® System

Collect gauge values on your Palm. The DataGet® system is the hardware and software you need to convert a Palm computer into a powerful data collector. Use the DataGet system to save time, improve quality and lower costs.  It is an essential component of your SPC or Metrology program.

The electronics in the  hardware connects the handheld to the gauge. The software  loads on to the handheld computer so you can record, edit, and chart your measurements.

DataGet USB adapter now available.  Connect your gage(s) directly to your PC or Laptop, and turn it into a full featured SPC data collector.  More...

We develop and sell the PocketLog® manual data collector software.

Automate your data entry process.  PocketLog® makes it easy for you to define your data collection forms, collect your data using a Palm Pilot and then, with a touch of a button, sync it back with the PC.  Upload your data into a text file, an Excel spreadsheet or an Access database.

Package with the Meazura ruggedized Palm for an outstanding field data collection solution.

Sample Forestry Cruise data collector

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Ruggedized Palm and/or WindowsCE Hardware


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